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Dear friend horses, every living creature is a Induvidium. The atomic structure, appearance, genetic DNA - RNA, blood, eyes, sense organs, character features, make each unique in the world. Even drops of water each and every snowflake is unique. The therapy of course - this is not considered medicine enough. It is based on symptoms - disease pictures. After these patients are divided into groups to which these symptoms apply. Naturopathy treats the other hand, the single life. That is the striking difference between the two therapies.

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1.  Attitude of the horse Bild Button pfeil1a

2.  Feeding

3.  20 golden rules     Training Bild Button pfeil1a

4.  The correct attitude to horse

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1. Attitude of the horse  Bild Button pfeil1

What does it mean when the term "welfare" approach "appears?.Here argue that the ghost, because strictly speaking, it means that horse so to keep it as "original" has lived and how it would live, if it is in a pristine landscape, to themselves..Everyone will understand that this is in any form of attachment to people, not to 100% is possible.

Scientific studies show that a horse for the stay in the fresh air was born and any restriction on the low it may be, the health status permanently impaired.

The more or less an extended stay in a box, without " natural light " for the organs and skin eyes, the blood picture changed adversely, so that the athletic performance of the horse and the effectiveness of the "immune system" by including"erythrocyte"> red blood cells , partly destroyed, and thus the oxygen content in the blood is reduced. mothers, think of your children, because this applies to humans too!

Similarly, the production of vitamins and enzymes restricted especially vitamin D 3 what automatically to lack of supply, with all sorts of negative effects.

We can only talk about it, how far are you from the 100% of the "original" attitude without too much damage, remove.A general answer There is not, so here is the following principle: the more the horse in the fresh air, under the open sky can be, the healthier it will be.

All right, one might say, but not everyone has the opportunity for his horse a sufficiently large coupling to get racing and jumping, dressage - and other tournament brings the horses stay on the Koppel also injury risks.How could a good compromise?

The horses - box 

If a horsebox, then they should be a horse adapted size, in which the horse without problems lie down, roll and a straw in his camp can cuddle,"The more - the better."

It is recommended that adequate always fresh straw covering, with a reasonable portion of hay, for the nightly box, because I do with the horse at the same time the necessary roughage offer that wish should be able to absorb and, in short, ie only night stay, to no digestive problems.

We must remain aware that a horse is a 24 - hour - eaters "and that it is fleeing a sleeping animal needs of only about 3 hours per day is required, which always phases of 3 - 4 minutes deep sleep. The rest of the day eat it permanent, it must do so, because it has only a relatively small stomach.

The "3 times a day Food ration" is not natural. If Boxing - attitude, then smaller servings, much more frequently enough on the day, better still, little or no power feed, but on good straw, mixed with hay, so that the horse all day to do something.

"Sufficient fresh straw" means that the box every day until the soil to be cleaned and as much as straw or other covering is replaced so that the horse can be safely roll on and not on the concrete floor unit, which it certainly hurts, and it thus, finally, the desire to lose. A litter of 5 cm sawdust, because "you have to clean up quickly," is simply wrong.

In Sweden, the author also saw litter from the newsprint. .In France, straw and sawdust.In all these cases, the lining around 50 cm thick and has been kept clean every day.

“ please ..  this is quite comfortable..”

 The stay on a Koppel, along with other species, you need a horse needed, it should not be permanent psychological problems and more or less, verhaltensgestört.This results in the inevitable consequence physical problems with organ malfunctions and power reduction.Race - Spring - and tournament stall owners, trainers, veterinarians, and anyone can Naturheilkundige treating these problems "a song to sing.

.Too often the reasons for the sudden performance drop, the excessive vulnerability to infectious diseases, the sudden "seconds - death" in the high performance sports.

..The solution of the problems is: "outside into the flock, and only something to eat ... but comfortably ...

2 nd  Feeding

 Basically, this builds on the topic of the "right attitude of the horse" said.The original stance in the wild was automatically with the "proper feeding" associated n.The horse has simply sought what it needed, and those were "living plants" and also "minerals", which it by the eating of earth came.

Dr. med. vet. Gerweck writes in his book: "The sign of the snake" about his experiences with horses during the 2ndWorld War II, of whom only on the German side 2.700.000 participated, and not one survived. World War II used horses and killed approximately 12.500.000.

Heurged reported by the fate of these creatures, in the winters only in the Russian birch forests were driven, they literally "ate" to survive, because there was nothing else others. The conquest of almost the whole of Europe by the Huns under Attila was only possible by their horses, each warrior 4 - 6 with the lead. Total of several hundred thousand. With their violence marches of up to 100 km per day, there were no "force feed" as Extraration.The horses are fed by what grew on the way, this is as much and as often as they could and they provided this amazing achievements with the "barren, natural forage."

.It is reported that his riders armies only after their invasion in Italy nutritional problems succeed because of the horses the juicy, rich protein prena ali grass, which was previously unknown.It was the first time "colic." We should think about it.

EIt is that any amendment of this "natural food", by the people, any change, that in nature, under "natural conditions" grown food, but only a more or less great compromise can never remain without negative consequences. Each veterinarian and every horse - Clinic will confirm that the "colik - treatment" To 1 Position.

Chile - Atacama Desert - Andean                                                        Pomerania / Poland

Questions to think about

Did you have eimal allowed that a horse in a stream, river or lake, and catch a few fish, because fish liver oil or urgently needed?

Or that it is in the henhouse invading or bird nests plunders to find the eggs?

Or on a perennial scrabbles to bring bananas?

Or there was in the bakery gallops, according to old rolls, cake or bread pieces demand, the chemical back - and blowing and flavor enhancer, as well as other chemicals against fungi?

The arguments, but it tastes him yet, and he can not get enough of them, You do hear from the parents toothless children, which Paradontose caries and become companion and those whose children suffer from hyperactivity.

Chemicals in a variety of forms, sugar, a total of unhealthy, unnatural diet of various kinds, are clearly the perpetrators of these problems.

Horse feed, animal fats, proteins or other ingredients of various animals, and old bread, pastries and cakes old added, which however, from a pure vegetarian, like the horse that can not be recycled, will inevitably lead to problems.

The author knows more doping cases - when racing horses because of THEOBROMIN in chocolate / cocoa <at the completion feed - production, through the use of old bakery products and cocoa beans - there shells inside.

I will be a conversation, in the early 1980's, do not forget that I do with the nearly 70 year old sales manager and co-owner, one of the largest European horse feed - Manufacturers led.It was, after all a rule of art, in the racing stables of the English royal court feed used in the German market.At that time we also had a small racing team and I was invited to the presentation of course.During normal "drink" afterwards, he was older, very nice man, the excellent horse man proved very soon "tipsy".Then snapped I wanted him, and something about the mysterious composition of this "royal fodder".Somehow I noticed that he seemed amused, about my curiosity, but also that I was not unsympathetic.After some further "glass" he drew me into a corner, took me like a son in his arms and said then sonorer voice: My boy, now you can find out the secret. A good horse racingneeds:

good water and good grass and good air and good oats - everything else right sales strategy. "

3rd. “ 20 golden rules ” for a healthy and happy horse

1st   bring your horse quickly after the birth of fresh air and light, because darkness and artificial light makes claims

2nd let skeleton, muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs time to grow, so will your horse is not lame

3rd  taking care from the first few weeks around the hooves and correct them

4th  Never too early to start with the training - never suppress motion urge

5th  feed the first 2 years by grass on a large lawn / good hay. Swedish study: up to 18 Month of life

6th  a sufficiently large meadow - in a herd of horses - is the best training ground

7th  you have to be the alpha animal for your horse, because you automatically belong to his flock

8th  teaching and playing on a basis of trust, never with pressure

9th  your horse is intelligent, it observed exactly learns by watching - like all children

10th Education and a folding `s on the rump not harm your horse - this is normal in a herd.

11st the only correct feed growing on a large lawn, with the various grasses

12nd Finished food is only a substitute for a good lawn and offers dangers. Investigate the exact composition: Doping risk!

13rd your horse is a 24 hours - eaters, so in the box always good straw and hay to eat offer

14th give your horse only feed power at much performance in sports - work.

15th tutor your horse in accordance with the applicable principles of nature

16th your horse is fine chemical odors. Concern for fresh air, and not smoke near

17th the horsebox should be the exception - not the rule - large enough and suitable to roll

18th always care for fresh water

19th let your horse never alone, otherwise there will be sick

20th your horse is and remains a horse - it will never be like a man think and act

Bild Buch Adams lameness in horses T.S. Stashak  

Pages 3 and 38 skeleton - Growth

Chapter I Functional anatomy of the movement apparatus

Chapter II relationship between exterior and lameness

Chapter V Nutrition - locomotor - his illnesses

 loose jogging is fun ...                                                             I am the fastest .....

Training: after heart rate Bild Button pfeil1

The best and easiest control to avoid overload of the attention is on the heart rate. This can be done with the palms placed on the heart or do but also by the creation of a digital pulse meter. Here, like in humans, a value of 130 beats per minute as a benchmark.As long as the will not be exceeded, we can safely his training sessions with the horsetraining. "ANAEROBE AREA" begins with many horses only from 150 pulse.

These 2 Dissertations: Bild Button pfeil1 Bild Button pfeil1

Homeopathyhelps for strong training - impact. Order to speed regeneration: Traumeel ad us vet 10 - 20 mL oral After extreme races or tournaments, with longer anaerobic areas: 10 ml i v. immediately after the race.

4. The right attitude to horse

A horse is and remains a herd animal. A horse " ALONE " as " PET ", " cruelty to animals." In his eyes, I am as a human being to his flock. " .It looks to me that I 'control - Animal ", the " Alpha - Animal " of this herd am, otherwise there will be tensions..This is in the nature of creation, as "planned". Other " works " is not..The horse will only accept this because it is so "programmed". On this basis, the horse can teach him to help with problems effectively, otherwise it remains unsuccessful.

In his flock, I am either "- or superior."That means, of course TIME, which I needed for my horse must, otherwise I, "his flock," sooner or later. These are the core principles that our horses - Whisperer modern times, as Monty Roberts u. A. Mediate.

They themselves were only "NO", have always been just a part of the "Great herd" of all living creatures on earth. Did they succeed, they had to be humble, to acknowledge and that the help they wanted to devote sufficient time.The old records of past millennia show that they did just that and that is why their success in doing.

They always considered themselves as " servants " of the " God " of the "Allah " of the " Great Spirit " of all things " Yahweh " - " Jehovah " ( JHWH ) and were humble, grateful for this task.

Not YOU healed, but she only noticed the necessary rules, the ER at the creation, in the genes of individuals had established so that the "defect" self - healing forces were in motion again. For this they used parts, elements of creation: minerals, plants, animals, water, light, e Or they gaveaffection, love, and it healed the "personality, psyche, soul," or what words you might use.

Now gu away from .. I will now pore over ... "                                    " ... Heeeh ... where are the other "!

B. Publications 

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 Chile Atacama - desert: "... because I will now but purely .....”.                      “ Where are you still ..... let me not alone .....

C. Reports 

Case 1

Clinic for horses at the Ludwig - Maximilians - University of Munich, Leader: Prof. Dr. H. Gerhards

5 year old trotters - Wallach, active racehorse, shoulder injury, with suspected fissure (hair - crack in the bone) It should be comprehensive X-ray images of this area can be created.

When I now with the one on the trip and pain, anxiety-ridden horse in the hospital and it arrived with many helpful hands, gently into the room, which was designed, moves could be opened to me that to produce these recordings, the horse a full anesthesia should receive..This, I politely refused, not only because I recently had to witness how an excellent, otherwise kerngesundes valuable racehorse, during a general anaesthetic died, but also a small demonstration on the effectiveness of homeopathy hold.

I want to emphasize here that I am always working, such situations in a friendly tone and to always highlight that it does not matter who is "right or wrong", but: "How can the horse, with minimal risk, helped . "

.After I myself as a healer, especially for sport horses, presented, and a small bet for a coffee "to the present had offered that the" general anesthesia "through use of" homoeopathic "save could finally found about 10 women Men and doctors and assistants in white coats, which probably all like a coffee spendiert have wanted.

Calmly, I spoke with the horse and stroked him in the places that I knew that he like it. Then I took, so that he could see a small glass bottle from my jacket and showed it to him, but before he was unlikely to stir.Slowly, I opened the breech hada single tiny globules, a Globoli into my palm glide and showed it to those present.Then I moved the lower lip of the horse slowly, put it between the lip and lower jaw. It was quite still in space. After 2 minutes heard the tremor.He was very calm. I stroked him and spoke while also continuing with him .After another 2 minutes, I asked my coffee and that's why, now with the X-ray images to begin.

To the delight of all this was not a breakthrough or napoka bone in the shoulder area.Diagnosis: strong, painful bruises, Bluterguß.

Of course, if you wanted to me not immediately return fortlassen before I would not tell to what "Wunderkügelchen" it is because handle.That, however, I did not, but encouraged, even to identify what is at "Shock" homeopathic administered..I gave my phone number and asked me to call to nominate.

.Guess how many calls I got. No! Well, who is already the effort has to be read here, I will be betrayed it, but only you, and not so fast say:

Arnica C 1,000 1 Globoli

Warning:The use of high potency is not dangerous. This experience to the next reminder to all homeopathy - interested.

Case 2

7 year old stallion, active racehorse, hyperactive,lost during transport to race through sweat loss of much substance.

I got a call and they asked me because of doping - danger, the horse something to calm homeopathic be administered. Then came a formative experience myself, and I had to learn that "experience" of ALL, and "you just never can have enough of them."When I was in the racing stable, just prior to loading on the race appeared, the colt was already nervous on the street stall. Again, I went quietly to him, talked with him and gave him, but this time:

Arnica C 1,000 3 Globoli!

After a few seconds, the horse began to tremble and strongly to fluctuate and got this strong sweating, so that the water is the only way down,> SHOCK  Immediate emergency 20 ml iv Nux vomica homaccord to calm.That went well again!

With high powers should only experienced users work!

Horsehead Nebula The biggest horse in universe                                           25 years young

Z - Bild Pferd Ugo Ina

Case 3

24 annually. stallion state - körung, international horse racing

.For over 20 years naturopathy treated, from 2 to 14 Years in racing operation, except for sports injuries, never ill, for his "old days" in a beautiful, peaceful place, 60 km away, where horse lovers accommodated.Call:"The stallion has a terrible colic, life, the animal had to be called doctor. "After whether this call, because he never had a greater digestive disorder knew, I set it on the road and came about 2 hours after the veterinarian with the" treatment " had begun.

Condition of Horse: hanging head, ears and legs ice-cold, strong tremor, liquid chair with 7.5 Ph - value, cold sweat, 36.2 ° Celsius rectal temperature

The veterinarian described their therapy and I dismissed them from the treatment - responsibility.

Their orthodox treatment consisted of:

Iv 3,000 ml isotonic saline solution

500 ml iv + electrolytes Clucose 1,000 ml iv Ringer lactate - Solution

40 ml iv metamizole (an anti steroides not like NOVALGIN> paregoric)

10 ml iv Equibos (anti)

3 ml iv Dexasel (Dexamathason => steroid / cortison)

10 ml iv prednisolone (synthetic cortison> also used in doping bodybuilders

 The animal doctor pointed to statutory provisions. After that it was obliged to kill an animal if it is torture. The condition of the horse would comply with these provisions.

Naturopathy  initiated emergency treatment

Against shock: arnica C 1,000 1 Globules> calming after 30 seconds> without trembling

T Oral measured temperature> 36.2 ° = too low, because its normal value of 38.2 °.

Urine and stool pH measurement> both values: 7.4

Intestinal / oB kidney range =)

20 ml iv Nux vomica homaccord ad us vet> calming, stimulating> kidney / intestine

10 ml iv Lachesis compositum ad us vet> Infectious defense

After10 minutes another tremor

ArnicaC 1,000 1 Globules> within 30 seconds calming

10 ml in Nux vomica homaccord ad us vet = depot effect

5 ml in Lachesis compositum ad us vet = depot effect

Transfer to another stables

A large horsebox with about 80 cm high straw coating.

Two horses warming blankets

A hot meal (Mash)

Strong urine throw> positive, detoxification

 Temperature rose to 37.2 

After 2 hours again tremor

ArnicaC 1,000 1 Globoli

20 ml IV Nux vomica

10 ml IV Lachesis.Temperature 37.5 °

Then no longer trembling.

After another 6 hours were again:

10 ml of oral Nux vomica hommacord ad us vet.

Otherwise, the evening was again a hot feed ration (Mash), and of hay. Straw and hay standing wish by the generous bedding available.

In the coming days, each morning, noon and evening:

5 ml of oral Nux vomica homaccord ad us vet

The temperature was 38.2 ° No back further set back.

On 3rd and 4th day, the horse for a few hours each on the paddock.

From the 5th day of normal, full gear coupling

As you can see from this is naturopathic treatment is not "done with" a few Globoli - beads, but often requires, in life-threatening cases, an intense, closely matched a longer, controlled treatment over several days, sometimes weeks. Expertise decide why, unfortunately, not enough in practice - experience, often does not work. " This is especially true when it was previously done an "orthodox medical treatment" which almost always involves the use of "cortisone".

 It is proved by this example, but also that "cortisone" or is not an obstacle for the effects of natural remedies and homeopathy, as is often claimed in naturopathic literature. The decisive factor is the expertise and practical experience gained in the therapist in dealing with homeopathic "high potencies". The author could find this in countless cases over the years.

Reports from the field are continually added

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