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Legal notice

Basis and content of these pages are of German law.

The Landgericht Hamburg, by verdict of 12.5.1998 decided that by offering a link the content of the linked site to co-responsibility. This could only be prevented, that it is specifically excluded from these contents.

For the contents of the linked pages are solely responsible for their content. I have no influence on the design and content of other sites and dissociate myself hereby expressly from all contents, including all sub-pages. This statement applies to all links on this site and all contents of the pages to which links or banners.

The accuracy and completeness of the information pages that have links or banners on this website are reachable, I can not verify. I therefore recommend to the website concerned about the applicable legal terms and information.

If you write in the visitor, you have every utterance to refrain from violation of the law or otherwise affect the rights of third parties. I can not and will not check all the entries every hour and therefore not liable for the entries in the guestbook. The entries there are not my opinion, but the visitors to the site.

Copyright - commercial use

The layout of the homepage, as well as the contributions treated are copyrighted. Some content may, however, small-scale citation, in the sense of open-source philosophy to non - commercial use - without the prior written permission of the author - in the sense of freedom of expression - reproduced and / or published. On the concept of open-source idea is also an indication of the creator. Larger copies without specifying the author or without the citation of the author in the metatags need my prior written permission.

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