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Klaus J. Zupan - Family, Christian,

Occupations: architect, contractor, physiotherapist, alternative practitioners, personal trainers etc.

Anyone who has worn in his life, responsibility for hundreds of people - traveled the world - different cultures met - founded two families - experienced illness and death, will be many false and take too little right decisions.

This is inevitably accumulated good and bad experiences. If you look a little strained and has a bit of luck, it makes you a little quiet and modest.

When I brought about the events of my life to realize that family, children, friends, health and happiness were more important than profession, property and social position. An inner peace and humility I work a little.

After my retirement, I wanted to write books, but I decided to use the Internet. The pages in german, english and spanish are among the most widely read of the world. They are read every month in more than 105 countries and 50 languages.

Among the users in December 2010 also included 2417universities and schools that the content can use free of charge for their curriculum.

The analysis of the user can be found here: http://pferd-doc.com/html/pferd-doc-analytik#horse






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